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  1. Scrambled Dogma: Stem cells may make new eggs in women

    Scientists may have come up with a new explanation for how a woman's biological clock works.

  2. Sunny Solution: Lotion speeds DNA repair, protects mice from skin cancer

    Snippets of DNA that activate a cell's DNA repair process may protect mice from skin cancer caused by ultraviolet radiation.

  3. Keeping abreast of serotonin’s roles

    Serotonin, a chemical typically associated with the brain, also controls milk production in mammary glands.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Tea for Too Much Bilirubin?

    A special tea may be an alternative to fluorescent lights for treating newborns who suffer from jaundice.

  5. Blocked gene gives mice super smell

    Deactivating a single gene can produce mice with an abnormally sharp sense of smell.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Pill Puzzle: Do antibiotics increase breast cancer risk?

    A new study links antibiotic use to breast cancer, although it's not clear the drugs cause the disease.

  7. Tailoring Therapies: Cloned human embryo provides stem cells

    Scientists have for the first time carried test-tube cloning of a human embryo to the stage at which it can yield stem cells.

  8. Bacteria do the twist

    A newly identified bacterial protein generates the sinuous shapes of some bacteria.

  9. Code Breakers

    Chemical tags applied to proteins that DNA wraps around regulate genetic activity.

  10. Gassing Up: Oxygen’s rise may have promoted complex life

    The increasing amount of oxygen in Earth's atmosphere may have driven the emergence of complex life.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Aging protein saps muscle strength

    Proteins crucial for muscle strength begin to function poorly as rats get older.

  12. Health & Medicine

    HIV outwits immune system, again

    The AIDS virus uses immune system proteins to hitch rides on the antibody factories known as B cells, possibly helping it find potential host cells.