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  1. Brain gene is tied to obesity

    A gene involved in brain chemistry influences whether a person is thin or fat.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Protein found central to ecstasy fever

    Scientists have identified a protein contributing to the high fevers that are sometimes generated by the drug ecstasy.

  3. Model Mice: Blood reveals signs of pancreatic cancer

    Mice that develop pancreatic cancer show signs of the disease long before malignant tumors arise, just as people with this type of cancer do.

  4. Seek and Destroy: Virus attacks cancer, spares normal cells

    A virus carried by mosquitoes naturally homes in on cancer cells and destroys them.

  5. Tiny Bubbles

    Microscopic vesicles shed by cells may help the AIDS virus, benefit cancer cells, and drive the immune response.

  6. Protein Portal: Enzyme acts as door for the SARS virus

    A protein that regulates blood pressure also serves as the cellular portal for the SARS virus.

  7. There’s no faking it

    The brain activity in men and women having an orgasm is very similar.

  8. HIV protein breaks biological clock

    The AIDS virus secretes a protein that interferes with an animal's biological clock.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Cleaning up glutamate slows deadly brain tumors

    Eliminating the glutamate released by brain tumors may slow the cancer's growth.

  10. Protein triggers nerve connections

    Nonnerve cells called astrocytes secrete a protein that enables nerve cells to connect.

  11. The good side of a viral infection?

    Hepatitis A infections may protect people from allergies and asthma.

  12. Getting Back to Normal: Protein enables the liver to regenerate quickly

    A protein called stem cell factor enables the liver to regenerate and may even protect people from acute liver failure.