Jonathan Lambert

Staff Writer, Biological Sciences

Jonathan Lambert joined Science News in 2019 as a staff writer covering biological sciences. He earned a master’s degree from Cornell University studying how a bizarre day-long mating ritual helped accelerate speciation in a group of Hawaiian crickets. A summer at the Dallas Morning News as a AAAS Mass Media fellow sparked a pivot from biologist to science journalist. He has previously written for Quanta Magazine, NPR, and Nature News.

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  1. Bull dog

    Dog behaviors like aggression and fearfulness are linked to breed genetics

    A study looking at how 101 dog breeds behave finds a strong association between genetics and 14 personality traits.

  2. butterfly milkweed

    Connecting our dwindling natural habitats could help preserve plant diversity

    As pristine habitats shrink worldwide, a massive, 18-year experiment suggests that linking up what's left with natural corridors could help ecosystems retain plant diversity.

  3. snowy owls, sanderlings, cactus wrens and Western meadowlarks

    We’ve lost 3 billion birds since 1970 in North America

    Scientists estimated the change in total number of individual birds since 1970. They found profound losses spread among rare and common birds alike.