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  1. Earth

    Infrasonic Symphony

    Scientists are eavesdropping on volcanoes, avalanches, earthquakes, and meteorites to discern these phenomena's infrasound signatures and see what new information infrasound might reveal.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Putting Labels on Nutrients

    After all the holiday partying, it’s probably time for most people to get back in the habit of checking the labels on food. Which frozen desert has less fat per serving? Which cereal has the recommended amounts of iron and folic acid? FDA But do those nutrition fact boxes on packaged foods supply the information […]

  3. Earth

    Slowing Puberty? Pesticide may hinder development in boys

    Long-term exposure to the pesticide endosulfan may delay the onset of puberty in boys.

  4. Genome made quickly from scratch

    Scientists have synthesized a viral genome in record time.

  5. Astronomy

    Spying a planet in star’s dusty veil

    Astronomers blocked out the light of a nearby star and found hints of an orbiting planet.

  6. Earth

    Cloud Chemistry: Atmospheric scientists dissect cirrus clouds

    Cirrus cloud formation is influenced by the particles in the atmosphere, including pollutants.

  7. Materials Science

    This Won’t Hurt . . . Tiny needles deliver drugs painlessly

    Microscopic needles may provide a painless alternative to syringes and patches.

  8. Plants

    Micro Sculptors

    Snippets of RNA that control biochemical reactions by squelching the creation of specific proteins play a role in the development of leaves.

  9. Earth

    Frosty Florida: Spread of agriculture may promote freezes

    Planting crops in south Florida may have increased the risk of the freezes farmers hoped to avoid.

  10. Astronomy

    Out of Hiding: Lost asteroid reappears, bringing surprises

    A long-lost asteroid that came close to Earth in 1937 has been spotted again, and its projected path steers clear of Earth.

  11. Bad for the Bones: Thwarted hormone leads to skeletal decay

    Thyroid-stimulating hormone plays an unexpected role in bone remodeling.

  12. Paleontology

    Fossils of Flyers: Bones tell why Atlantic albatross disappeared

    Ancient albatross fossils suggest that rising sea levels 400,000 years ago wiped out the North Atlantic population of short-tailed albatross.