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  1. Health & Medicine

    Brainy Ballplayers

    Elite athletes get their heads in the game.

  2. Life

    Walking may have had wet start

    Based on the way that primitive lungfish use their fins to move along tank bottoms, researchers argue for an underwater start to four-legged locomotion.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Presidency not a death sentence

    For occupants of the Oval Office, wealth, status and quality medical care more than compensate for any life-shortening effects of stress.

  4. Earth

    Polar ice sheets are synchronized swimmers

    Glaciers in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres advance and retreat together.

  5. Life

    Unraveling synesthesia

    Tangled senses may have genetic or chemical roots, or both.

  6. Humans

    Two feet or four, software is the same

    All walking animals use the same basic nerve patterns to put one leg in front of the other(s).

  7. Life

    Two steps to primate social living

    Evolutionary shifts about 52 million and 16 million years ago led to the group structures observed today, researchers argue.

  8. Life

    The origin of orbs

    Spectacular web designs trace back to a single spider origin.

  9. Life

    Axing molecular zombies may slow aging

    Killing off dormant cells slows the decline of mice genetically engineered to grow old fast.

  10. Life

    Giant dinosaurs may have migrated

    Evidence in teeth suggests that sauropods sought greener pastures in dry North American summers.

  11. Life

    Cycads not ‘living fossils’

    Though ancient, today’s representatives of the plant group date back to a common ancestor that lived not all that long ago.

  12. Humans

    Plague bug not so fierce after all

    DNA analysis shows bacterium was fairly ordinary but thrived in pestilent conditions of medieval Europe.