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  1. Climate


    Understanding long-term changes in wildfire patterns challenges scientists from multiple disciplines.

  2. Nanomaker’s Toolkit

    Scientists harness charge, magnetism and even DNA to guide matter’s assembly into new materials.

  3. Characteristics that help coral bounce back

    New report outlines features that make a reef able to deal with environmental stress.

  4. Chemistry

    How RNA got started

    Scientists identify chemical reactions that could be responsible for the origin of life.

  5. Space

    Sun entering weakest cycle since 1928

    NOAA releases new predictions for solar cycle.

  6. Animals

    Basking sharks head south for winter

    Satellite-tagging data suggest that basking sharks migrate south to the Caribbean in winter.

  7. Life

    Expansive genetic diversity in Africa revealed

    Largest genetic study of African populations yields clues about the origin of modern humans and the ancestry of African-Americans

  8. The Genetic Dimension of Height and Health

    It may be no tall tale: A few inches taller or shorter could signal a risk for some diseases.

  9. Earth

    Fossil of a walking seal found

    A fossil skeleton discovered in the Canadian Arctic could represent a missing link in pinniped evolution.

  10. Earth

    An earlier appearance for the first land plants

    Fossilized pollen could show that modern land plants evolved earlier than thought.

  11. Humans

    An ancient remedy: Bitter herbs and sweet wine

    New chemical analyses of wine jars suggest that ancient Egyptians mixed medicinal plants into wine.

  12. Earth

    Nickel down, oxygen up

    Researchers point to the early ocean's concentration of nickel as the possible start for events that allowed Earth's atmosphere to accumulate oxygen.