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  1. Science & Society

    These are the top 10 landmarks in the history of making measurements

    Little appreciated but vastly important, metrology celebrates a long history with the adoption of new definitions for key units.

  2. Science & Society

    Black hole image validates imagining the unimaginable

    Human creativity conjured up the most extreme of astronomical phenomena long before they could be seen.

  3. Science & Society

    This Greek philosopher had the right idea, just too few elements

    The ancient Greek philosopher Empedocles wrongly believed matter to consist of just four elements, but he grasped the basic idea of forces governing unchanging matter.

  4. Science & Society

    Top 10 science anniversaries to celebrate in 2019

    Top 10 science anniversaries in 2019 include expeditions, treatises and tabulations.

  5. Science & Society

    Before his early death, Riemann freed geometry from Euclidean prejudices

    The originator of Riemann’s hypothesis died young, but he provided the geometry needed for modern view of spacetime.

  6. Science & Society

    5 decades after his death, George Gamow’s contributions to science survive

    George Gamow, irreverent physicist and prolific popularizer, died half a century ago.

  7. Astronomy

    Pluto’s demotion ignores astronomical history

    A historical review of asteroids’ planetary status suggests Pluto’s demotion was not justified.

  8. Science & Society

    In honor of his centennial, the Top 10 Feynman quotations

    Nobel laureate Richard Feynman left many quotable observations on science and life.

  9. Science & Society

    A celebration of curiosity for Feynman’s 100th birthday

    Richard Feynman, born a century ago, was a curious character in every sense of the word.