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  1. Astronomy

    How massive stars in binary systems turn into carbon factories

    A massive star with an orbiting partner star ejects on average twice as much carbon, an element crucial for life, into space compared with a solo star.

  2. Animals

    Mary Roach’s new book ‘Fuzz’ explores the ‘criminal’ lives of animals

    In “Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law,” author Mary Roach profiles mugging monkeys, thieving bears and other animal outlaws.

  3. Animals

    Having more friends may help female giraffes live longer

    A more gregarious life, even while just munching shrubbery, might mean added support and less stress for female giraffes.

  4. Life

    Only 3 percent of Earth’s land hasn’t been marred by humans

    A sweeping survey of terrestrial ecosystems finds that vanishingly little land houses all the animals it used to. Species reintroductions could help.

  5. Ecosystems

    Wild donkeys and horses engineer water holes that help other species

    Dozens of animals and even some plants in the American Southwest take advantage of water-filled holes dug by these nonnative equids.

  6. Animals

    Female hyenas kill off cubs in their own clans

    Along with starvation and mauling by lions, infanticide leads as a cause of hyena cub death. Such killings may serve to enforce the social order.

  7. The human blueprint

    The Human Genome Project unveiled our genetic blueprint but also showed us how much we have to learn.

  8. Animals

    Plastic waste forms huge, deadly masses in camel guts

    Eating plastic isn’t just a sea animal problem. Researchers found suitcase-sized masses of plastic in dromedaries’ guts in the United Arab Emirates.

  9. Animals

    The U.S.’s first open-air genetically modified mosquitoes have taken flight

    After a decade of argument, Oxitec pits genetically modified mosquitoes against Florida’s spreaders of dengue and Zika.

  10. Animals

    Guttural toads shrank by a third after just 100 years on two islands

    Introduced in the 1920s, toads on two islands in the Indian Ocean have shrunken limbs and bodies that may be evidence that "island dwarfism" can evolve quickly.

  11. Climate

    These 6 books explore climate change science and solutions

    Science News staff read recent books about climate change to help guide you to which ones you might like.

  12. Ecosystems

    War wrecked an African ecosystem. Ecologists are trying to restore it

    Bringing back big predators to Gorongosa, once a wildlife paradise in Mozambique, is just one piece of the puzzle in undoing the damage there.