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  1. Science & Society

    6 surprising records science set in 2021

    Ancient mammoth DNA and a new source of gravitational waves set new records this year.

  2. Genetics

    An extinct rat shows CRISPR’s limits for resurrecting species

    Scientists recovered most of the Christmas Island rat’s genome. But the missing genes signal a problem for using gene editing to de-extinct species.

  3. Animals

    Here are 3 people-animal collaborations besides dolphins and Brazilians

    Dolphins working with people to catch fish recently made a big splash. But humans and other animals have cooperated throughout history.

  4. Readers react to million-year-old mammoths, parasitic plants and more

  5. Anthropology

    A surprising food may have been a staple of the real Paleo diet: rotten meat

    The realization that people have long eaten putrid foods has archaeologists rethinking what Neandertals and other ancient hominids ate.

  6. Readers ask about the Milky Way’s newfound ‘feather’, CT scan safety and more

  7. Genetics

    The oldest animal DNA ever recovered reveals mammoths’ evolution

    Mammoths evolved to handle the cold over hundreds of thousands of years and North America may been home to a hybrid species, a new study finds.

  8. Life

    ‘Life as We Made It’ charts the past and future of genetic tinkering

    A new book shatters illusions that human meddling with nature has only just begun.

  9. Archaeology

    ‘Origin’ explores the controversial science of the first Americans

    A new book looks at how genetics has affected the study of humans’ arrival in the Americas and sparked conflicts with Indigenous groups today.

  10. Anthropology

    ‘Ghost tracks’ suggest people came to the Americas earlier than once thought

    Prehistoric people’s footprints show that humans were in North America during the height of the last ice age, researchers say.

  11. Humans

    The longest trail of fossilized human footprints hints at a risky Ice Age trek

    Researchers have discovered the world's longest trail of fossilized human footprints at White Sands National Park, New Mexico.

  12. Anthropology

    Finds in a Spanish cave inspire an artistic take on warm-weather Neandertals

    Iberia’s mild climate fostered a host of resources for hominids often pegged as mammoth hunters.