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  1. Life

    Gut microbe may challenge textbook on complex cells

    Science may finally have found a complex eukaryote cell that has lost all of its mitochondria.

  2. Science & Society

    ‘GMOs’ isn’t a four-letter word, but it is hard to define

    The definition of what constitutes a genetically modified organism is a challenge to those tasked with developing standards for labeling foods that contain GMOs.

  3. Microbes

    Whether for brains or bacteria, intelligence is all about food

  4. Life

    Dissing a loaded label for some unicellular life

    Prominent biologist calls ‘prokaryote’ outdated term.

  5. Physics

    Microswimmers make a splash

    Researchers study secrets of microbes' locomotion and how to mimic that movement.

  6. Chemistry

    Oldest evidence for complex life in doubt

    Chemical biomarkers in ancient Australian rocks, once thought to be the oldest known evidence of complex life on Earth, may have infiltrated long after the sediments were laid down, new analyses suggest.

  7. Giardia Bares All: Parasite genes reveal long sexual history

    Sexual reproduction started billions of years ago, as soon as life forms that have nuclei and organelles within their cells branched off from their structurally simpler ancestors.

  8. The tree of life, with tangled roots

    Two ancient, rudimentary organisms merged to create the first complex cell, new data suggest.

  9. They’re Sequencing a What?

    Announcements of new targets for genome sequencing are bringing celebrity to lesser-known twigs on the tree of life.

  10. Bacterial cells reveal skeletal structures

    The finding of a cytoskeleton in Bacillus subtilis bacteria eliminates a fundamental difference between bacteria and higher (eukaryotic) cells.

  11. Paleobiology

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