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  • Gory Details

    Your fear is written all over your face, in heat

    What gets us hot can be so revealing. For me, the slightest anxiety or excitement can trigger a warm spread across my face. I can feel the blood rushing up my neck and into the thousands of tiny capillaries across my cheeks. I’ve worn scarves or turtlenecks to job interviews, weather be damned, to keep my burning red neck from betraying my nerves.

    And the opposite can be true. Have you...

    03/26/2014 - 18:09 Psychology
  • Letters to the Editor


    When birds collide

    In “Collision course” (SN: 9/21/13, p. 20), Susan Milius told the stories of two ornithologists working to develop windows that birds won’t fly into.

    With few exceptions, readers were sympathetic to the plight of birds that either don’t see windows or incorrectly interpret reflections. William Thompson e-mailed about his Colorado home: “At the height of bird activity,...

    09/24/2013 - 17:57 Animals, Psychology
  • Feature

    Sparing the rare earths

    The Toyota Prius isn’t exactly a muscle car. But the magnets under the hood certainly pack a punch.

    Pound for pound, these permanent magnets are some of the most powerful on the planet. They generate fields 10 times stronger than those of typical refrigerator magnets, helping the hybrid car’s motor and generator to turn the...

    08/12/2011 - 10:13 Technology, Humans & Society, Matter & Energy, Earth & Environment, Chemistry
  • News

    Sperm whales may team up to herd prey

    PORTLAND — Sperm whales sometimes collaborate when they forage the depths, new tracking data suggest, with some individuals herding prey into dense schools while others lunge into the fray and feed.

    Scientists have long known that sperm whales, like many other toothed whales, form long-lasting social groups that typically consist of females and their young. While some...

    02/23/2010 - 12:54 Ecology, Life & Evolution
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