February 8, 2014 | Science News



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In the Feb. 8 SN: Erasing memories, blocking pot’s high, doing calculus at the speed of light, explaining dog paddle and making wine in a global greenhouse.

February 8, 2014

  • Reviews & Previews

    From Dust to Life

    In about 300 pages, this book sums up the history of all that matters — or at least everything made of matter — from the Big Bang to life on Earth.
  • Science Stats

    Smoking equality

    A study of tobacco smoking patterns reports that more men than women smoke in every country except Sweden.
  • Mystery Solved

    Synchronous birth

    For young banded mongoose moms, there’s only one choice for when to give birth — the same day as older, dominant mothers. In communities of these cat-sized animals, all females give birth together, no matter when they became pregnant.