Vol. 185 No. 2
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More Stories from the January 25, 2014 issue

  1. Neuroscience

    Brain chip enables injured rats to control movements

    Prosthesis bypasses damaged area to connect distant neurons.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Heartburn drugs linked to vitamin deficiency

    People who take Nexium, Prilosec and other medicines more prone to low B12 levels.

  3. Climate

    Coldest place moves from one Antarctic site to another

    New record low measured by satellite.

  4. Planetary Science

    Europa vents water, Hubble data suggest

    Plumes from ice-covered oceans would increase likelihood of life-friendly conditions on one moon of Jupiter.

  5. Paleontology

    Fleshy comb is first found on a dinosaur

    A fossil head has both a duck bill and a soft-tissue crest, scientists suggest.

  6. Life

    Animal origins shift to comb jellies

    Genetic data confirm the marine predators have more ancient origin than simpler sponges.

  7. Climate

    Tornado intensity climbs in the United States

    Larger paths of destruction may be tied to climate change.

  8. Archaeology

    Easter Island’s farmers cultivated social resilience, not collapse

    A Polynesian society often presumed to have self-destructed shows signs of having carried on instead.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Dog dust may benefit infant immune systems

    Microbes from pet-owning houses protected mice against allergy, infection.

  10. Animals

    China trumps Near East for signs of most ancient farm cats

    Earliest evidence found for grain as a force in feline domestication.

  11. Life

    Nicotine may damage arteries

    Other chemicals in cigarettes may not be to blame.

  12. Planetary Science

    Sinkholes, tectonics may have shaped Titan’s lakes and seas

    A map of Saturn’s largest moon reveals clues about the object's landscape.

  13. Life

    Neandertal genes point to interbreeding, inbreeding

    DNA from 50,000 years ago underscores modest levels of mating across hominid populations.

  14. Life

    Chronic wounds may succumb to vitamins

    In mice, antioxidants fight diabetic sores.

  15. Neuroscience

    Narcolepsy may be an autoimmune disease

    Narcolepsy occurs when wayward immune forces launch an attack on brain cells responsible for wakefulness, a new study suggests.

  16. Planetary Science

    Exoplanet mass revealed in light

    A new method could help identify habitable planets.

  17. Chemistry

    Salt spices up chemistry

    Hot, compressed sodium chloride stretches the fundamental rules of matter.

  18. Astronomy

    Relic of early universe found nearby

    A galaxy little changed since the dawn of the universe shows up in our celestial neighborhood.

  19. Environment

    Protein fibers trap greenhouse gas

    The method could scrub exhaust from cars and power plants.

  20. Paleontology

    Hunting fossils in England

    On Monmouth Beach, just west of the center of Lyme Regis, amateur and professional collectors have been making discoveries for more than two centuries.

  21. Science & Society

    Tracking fireballs for science

    Watching a meteor race across the night sky is a romantic experience. And now it can be a scientific one as well.

  22. Animals

    Sperm on a stick for springtails

    Many males of the tiny soil organisms sustain their species by leaving drops of sperm glistening here and there in the landscape in case a female chooses to pick one up.

  23. Health & Medicine

    Vaccine vindication

    At least 103 million cases of childhood disease have been prevented by vaccines since 1924.

  24. Physics

    Transfixing tetrahedrons

    Dervishes are Sufi Muslims who represent the revolving heavens with their spinning dance.