November 29, 2003 | Science News



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  • News

    Drug cuts recurrence of breast cancer

    Letrozole, which blocks estrogen production, reduces recurrence of breast cancer in women who have exhausted the usefulness of tamoxifen, the frontline cancer drug for this disease.
  • News

    Fill 'er up . . . with a few tons of wheat

    A new analysis suggests that the amount of ancient plant matter that was needed to make just 1 gallon of gasoline is the same amount that can be grown each year in a 40-acre wheat field—roots, stalks, and all.
  • Feature

    Testing Times

    Relying in part on a new rapid HIV test, health officials are working to identify and treat more HIV infections earlier in the course of the disease.
  • Feature

    Munching Along

    New Orleans' French Quarter has become a central proving ground for new technologies to find and attack the North American invasion of especially aggressive and resourceful alien termites.