October 20, 2001 | Science News


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    Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

    Some scientists suggest that a better understanding of hair biology might not only lead to new treatments for people with too little (or too much) hair but also shed light on cancer, the growth and development of bodily organs, and other matters.
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    Dolly Was Lucky

    Scientists studying the data on animal cloning argue that cloning a person would be unsafe.
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    Even flossing wouldn't have helped

    Small particles trapped in minuscule cracks or pits in the teeth of plant-eating dinosaurs could give scientists a way to identify the types of greenery the ancient herbivores were munching.
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    CT scan unscrambles rare, ancient egg

    A tangled heap of bones and bone fragments in the bottom of an unhatched elephant bird egg may soon be reassembled into a model of the long-dead embryo, thanks to high technology—and scientists won't even have to crack open the egg to do it.
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    Fossils found under tons of Kitty Litter

    Excavations at North America's largest Kitter Litter mine have yielded fossils of ancient aquatic reptiles, as well as evidence of a tsunami generated by the extraterrestrial impact that killed off the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago.