1. Climate


    Understanding long-term changes in wildfire patterns challenges scientists from multiple disciplines.

  2. Climate

    Carbon dioxide not to blame in ice age mystery

    Scientists look at seafloor sediments to determine that a long-term decline in carbon dioxide is not the reason for less frequent ice ages.

  3. Earth

    White House releases report on climate change

    A new White House report addresses current and projected impacts of climate change across the United States.

  4. Climate

    Cultivation changed monsoon in Asia

    The loss of forests in India, China during the 1700s led to a decline in monsoon precipitation.

  5. Earth

    Federal budget’s new ‘black book’

    The administration details a proposed $17 billion in budget savings in a new book.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Science budgets look rosy, AAAS finds

    The president and Congress have collaborated in targeting substantial increases for federal investments in R&D this year.

  7. Climate

    On federal science — and science spending

    Things you might have gleaned at the AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy.

  8. Earth

    A limit for carbon emissions: 1 trillion metric tons

    To reduce risks of severe damage from climate change, humans should burn no more than 1 trillion tons of carbon in total, researchers suggest.

  9. Physics

    Obama pledges 3 percent of GDP for research

    Pledges for big budget increases for research, permanent tax credits for reseach by industry and more were announced today.

  10. Climate

    EPA says greenhouse gases ‘endanger’ health

    Featured blog: New ruling is a likely first step toward federal moves to cut tailpipe emissions of carbon dioxide and more.

  11. Tech

    Urban Heat: Recycling waste heat

    In the United States, only about one-eighth of the fuel people burn is converted into useful work. Recycling such wasted heat could be one of the best solutions to problems posted by growing cities.

  12. Climate

    CO2 Rising: The World’s Greatest Environmental Challenge by Tyler Volk