1. Earth

    Toxic metals taint ancient dust

    A new study of dust lofted to Antarctica suggests that excess amounts of trace metals coated dust grains long before human industrial activity began loading the atmosphere with pollutants.

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    Turbulence leads to early rain of ash

    A new aerodynamic analysis suggests that chaotic turbulence in a high-altitude cloud of volcanic ash can cause small particles of the ash to clump together and fall to the ground much closer to the volcano than expected.

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    Hormones: Here’s the Beef

    Runoff of the hormones excreted by steroid-treated livestock could subtly harm aquatic life.

  4. Earth

    It’s bottoms up for iron at sea’s surface

    Sediments drilled from the seafloor off Antarctica suggest that the dissolved iron in surface waters that fuels much of the region's biological productivity comes from upwelling deep water currents, not from dust blowing off the continents.

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    Forest-soil fungi emit gases that harm ozone layer

    Laboratory tests reveal for the first time that certain types of common fungi can produce ozone-destroying methyl halide gases.

  6. Earth

    Early last month, the iceberg cracked

    A huge crack across the floating portion of an Antarctic glacier has cleaved the ice shelf and spawned a new iceberg much more quickly than scientists had expected.

  7. Earth

    Charcoal warms the whole world

    The techniques used in developing nations to transform wood into charcoal are net emitters of greenhouse gases, even though the wood used to produce the fuel removed globe-warming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it was growing.

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    Fire Retardant Catfish?

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    Fishy data hid decline in global catch

    Many coastal fisheries are in trouble, yet according to figures reported to the United Nations, the annual global yield has appeared to be stable or even growing.

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    Transgenes migrate into old races of maize

    Genes from bioengineered corn have somehow strayed into the traditional varieties of southern Mexico.

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    Dried-up California lake gets muddy facial

    A new dust-abatement program is transforming the nation's biggest source of respirable dust into a sea of nonpolluting mud.

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    Tough Choices

    Federal programs to preserve water in streams during droughts have prompted lawsuits and new pressures on endangered species and the law that protects them.