1. Genetics

    Hints about schizophrenia emerge from genetic study

    From thousands of genomes, researchers pinpoint dozens of DNA changes that may underlie schizophrenia

  2. Health & Medicine

    Two genes clear up psoriasis and eczema confusion

    Psoriasis and eczema are often mistaken for each other, leading to mistreatment. Testing just two genes could eliminate this confusion.

  3. Genetics

    Finally, some solid science on Bigfoot

    DNA analysis finds no Bigfoot, no yeti, two weird bears and one scientist on a quest for the truth.

  4. Animals

    Passenger pigeon population had booms and busts

    DNA says the birds recovered from hard times — until people came along.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Simple blood test detects heart transplant rejection

    Heart transplant recipients whose bodies are starting to reject the new organ might carry genetic warning signs.

  6. Genetics

    Gene variant tied to diabetes in Greenlanders

    Greenlanders who carry two copies of a newly discovered gene variant have upwards of 10 times the chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

  7. Life

    Here’s the poop on getting your gut microbiome analyzed

    One Science News writer donated her used toilet paper for science and learned that microbiome research is as uncharted as the Wild West.

  8. Genetics

    How you bet is affected by your genes

    When betting, people's decisions are influenced by variations in a set of genes that regulate the brain chemical dopamine.

  9. Animals


    Readers discuss mammal milk, ancient human genetics and hand washing techniques.

  10. Genetics

    Chimp and human lineages may have split twice as long ago as thought

    New estimates of chimpanzee mutation rates suggest humans and chimps last shared a common ancestor 13 million years ago.

  11. Genetics

    Wool pulled from sheep’s genetic code

    Sheep's genetic sequence, comprised of 2.6 billion base pairs, offers clues to how the animals maintain extra woolly coats and when they evolved from other livestock.

  12. Genetics

    Bromine found to be essential to animal life

    Fruit flies deprived of the element bromine can’t make normal connective tissue that supports cells and either don’t hatch or die as larvae.