1. Life

    1918 flu pandemic linked to human, bird virus gene swap

    The 1918 pandemic flu, which killed up to 50 million people, may have come from a human virus and a bird virus swapping genetic material.

  2. Genetics

    Y chromosome gets a closer examination

    The Y chromosome may play a larger role in Turner syndrome and in health and disease differences between males and females than previously thought.

  3. Genetics

    Farmers assimilated foragers as they spread agriculture

    While some European hunter-gatherers remained separate, others mated with the early farmers that introduced agriculture to the continent.

  4. Genetics

    Gene therapy with electrical pulses spurs nerve growth

    Deaf guinea pigs' hearing improves with electrical pulses from a hearing implant are combined with gene therapy, a new study shows.

  5. Genetics

    Rainbow trout genome shows how genetic material evolved

    The finding challenges the idea that whole genome duplications are followed by quick, massive reorganization and deletions of genetic material.

  6. Genetics

    New antibiotic resistance genes found in cow manure

    Identifying these genes offers clues to how antibiotic resistance could move from agricultural ecosystems to other communities of organisms.

  7. Genetics

    Neandertal, modern human DNA deviates even more

    An analysis of genetic material of Neandertals and modern humans shows genetic differences in the species' population sizes and even the curves of their spines.

  8. Genetics

    Cloning produces stem cells from adult skin

    Human embryonic stem cells made using adult cells could enable medical advances such as replacement organs.

  9. Genetics

    New tools reveal new truths about fungi, flies, antibiotics

    In the newsroom, any story about a new scientific method faces an uphill battle. In this issue are a number of stories that feature how science is done.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Gene variant, processed meat linked to boost in cancer risk

    In people with a specific variation of a gene on chromosome 10, eating processed meat is associated with an increased risk of developing colon cancer.

  11. Genetics

    Gene activity sets humans apart from extinct hominids

    Differences in gene activity caused by DNA methylation distinguish modern people from Neandertals and Denisovans.

  12. Genetics

    Down’s syndrome goes beyond chromosome 21

    A genetic analysis suggests that the DNA changes linked to Down's syndrome happen on all chromosomes, not just the 21st.