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    Detecting cancer risk with a chip

    Researchers can use microcantilevers studded with antibodies that react to prostate specific antigen, or PSA, to analyze blood samples for signs of prostate cancer.

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    EMFs in home may limit night hormone

    A pair of studies suggests a link, at least in some women, between elevated residential exposure to electromagnetic fields and reduced production of the hormone melatonin.

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    Aging cells may promote tumors nearby

    Cells that enter a state called senescence in older individuals may stimulate nearby cells to become tumors.

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    Chemical Neutralizes Anthrax Toxin

    Scientists have created a synthetic compound that, when tested in rats, disables the toxin that makes anthrax lethal.

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    Oceans apart, but surgery succeeds

    A French group performed the first transatlantic operation when surgeons in New York controlled a robot in Strasbourg, France, which removed a woman's gall bladder.

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    For a change, infection stymies HIV

    A hepatitis-like virus that causes no known diseases seems to help people stave off the progression of HIV, the AIDS virus.

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    Acacia-tree extract fights cancer in mice

    Compounds called avicins extracted from Acacia victoriae, an Australian desert tree, inhibit inflammation and cancer in test-tube and mouse studies.

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    Germs can survive weeks on fabrics, plastic

    Soft, dry surfaces in hospitals can harbor live germs for more than a month.

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    Blood vessels (sans blood) shape organs

    Even before they begin to carry blood, blood vessels provide signals that help spark the development of organs such as the liver.

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    Alcohol on your breath need not be all bad

    Drugs such as insulin may be delivered by inhaling mists of medicine-containing alcohol.

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    Drugs slow diabetes patients’ kidney damage

    Two drugs normally prescribed for high blood pressure help forestall kidney damage in people with type 2, or adult-onset, diabetes.

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    Even a little coffee may up heart risk

    Drinking just 1 to 3 cups of coffee daily may adversely affect blood concentrations of cholesterol and homocysteine.