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    AIDS drug performs well in early test

    A new drug called T-1249, which keeps the AIDS virus from fusing with immune cells, proves largely safe in people.

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    Some HIV patients getting transplants

    Organ transplants succeed in some HIV-infected people, spurring further research into this practice.

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    Anti-HIV mutation poses hepatitis risk

    A genetic mutation that protects people from AIDS may also make them susceptible to hepatitis C.

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    Active lung gene signals cancer spread

    The newly discovered LUNX gene, active only in lungs and in lung tumors that have spread outside that organ, may help in determining which lung cancer patients are likely to suffer a recurrence.

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    Color array reveals breast cancer types

    A suite of genes lights up when researchers probe for cancer.

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    Sometimes an antibiotic is much more

    By reining in destructive enzymes in the body, tetracyclines can thwart various diseases, including periodontal bone loss and cancer.

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    Calcium supplements for chocolate

    Using soap chemistry, scientists prevented some of chocolate's saturated fat--and calories--from being absorbed.

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    Can childhood diets lead to diabetes?

    Prolonged consumption of foods that break down quickly into simple sugars appears to foster obesity and vulnerability to diabetes, an animal study shows.

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    Common additive thwarts malaria parasite

    Triclosan--a drug used as an antimicrobial agent in toothpaste, deodorant, and other products--kills rodent malaria parasites in mice and human malaria parasites in test-tube studies.

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    Path to heart health is one with a peel

    Citrus fruits may deserve a more prominent role in the diet. A research team in Canada has just shown that drinking several glasses of orange juice daily can pump up blood concentrations of the so-called good cholesterol. Boosting this high-density-lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol can slow the buildup of artery-clogging plaque (SN: 9/9/89, p. 171). In their […]

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    Teeth grinding linked to sleep apnea

    Rhythmic grinding of teeth during sleep occurs at least once a week in as many as 8.2 percent of people.

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    Lyme vaccine works in a curious way

    Antibodies formed in response to the vaccine against Lyme disease kill the bacteria that cause it while they are still in the deer tick that spreads it.