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    Glucose control spares arteries in diabetes

    Very strict control of blood glucose concentrations helps limit atherosclerosis formation in people with type I, or juvenile-onset, diabetes.

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    Critical Care: Sugar Limit Saves Lives

    Strictly controlling blood-sugar concentrations in critically ill patients can reduce deaths by a third.

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    Forget about jet lag, and much more

    Airline flight attendants with chronic jet lag have higher stress hormone concentrations and smaller temporal lobes (centers of short-term memory in the brain)than do more rested attendants.

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    Prostate protection? This is fishy

    Diets rich in fish may cut a man's risk of prostate cancer.

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    Tofu May Get the Lead Out

    Lead, a toxic heavy metal, can show up in the most unexpected places. For instance, several recent studies documented a worrisome tainting of calcium supplements. Just last month, some Mexican lollipops were recalled from U.S. stores upon a finding that their wrappers had leached lead into the candy. And recently, this column recounted the perils […]

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    Studies suggest how salad may protect heart

    Lutein, a yellow pigment in many fruits and vegetables, may inhibit processes that jump-start the development of atherosclerosis.

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    Leukemia overpowers drug in two ways

    Researchers discover why the anticancer drug Gleevec, also called STI-571, helps many patients who have chronic myelogenous leukemia but not those who have entered the crisis stage of the disease.

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    Coming to Terms with Death

    Some newly recognized forms of cell death might be harnessed to aid people with cancer and other serious diseases.

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    Soy estrogens: Too much of a good thing?

    Two studies of female mice suggest that genistein, an estrogen analog found in soy, could contribute to cancer risk.

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    Immune attack on self halts nerve damage

    T cells primed for autoimmune behavior may actually preserve nerves after a damaging blow.

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    Enzyme defends germ against stomach acid

    The newly solved structure of a Helicobacter pylori acid-fighting enzyme has scientists divided about how the enzyme works.

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    Genetically altered cells ease hemophilia

    A gene therapy using skin cells that are genetically modified to make clotting proteins, multiplied in a lab, and reinjected into a person eases some bleeding in patients with severe hemophilia.