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    Enzyme defends germ against stomach acid

    The newly solved structure of a Helicobacter pylori acid-fighting enzyme has scientists divided about how the enzyme works.

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    Genetically altered cells ease hemophilia

    A gene therapy using skin cells that are genetically modified to make clotting proteins, multiplied in a lab, and reinjected into a person eases some bleeding in patients with severe hemophilia.

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    New guidelines would cut cholesterol

    The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has developed new guidelines for physicians that could triple the number of people taking cholesterol-lowering medication.

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    Angiostatin testing in people begins

    Angiostatin, a drug that cured cancer in mice, appears safe to use in preliminary tests on people with cancer.

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    Malaria prevention works in Tanzania

    Giving infants intermittent doses of antimalarial drugs during their first year prevents serious illness in most cases and doesn't leave them susceptible to harsh disease in their second year.

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    Heart disease linked to clotting gene

    African Americans with a mutation in a blood-clotting gene have a sixfold increase in the risk of heart disease, but this is not the case for white Americans with the same mutation.

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    Statins’ structure blocks cholesterol

    X-ray crystallography shows that statins impede the build-up of cholesterol by physically blocking the binding site of an enzyme important for cholesterol production.

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    Does breast-feeding accelerate AIDS?

    A study of HIV-infected mothers in Kenya suggests that breast-feeding places them at a health risk.

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    Understanding Cancer’s Spread

    Where cancer goes, where it grows, and why.

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    Dietary protection against sunburn (with recipe)

    Nothing tastes more like summer, to this inveterate gardener, than a home-grown, vine-ripened tomato. As a child, on a sweltering August afternoon, I used to swipe one from our garden to nibble slowly in the backyard. Or Id share a bright red Beefsteak with mom. Slathered with mayonnaise and nestled on a bed of lettuce […]

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    Genetic flaw found in painful gut disease

    Scientists have discovered a genetic mutation that occurs in people with Crohn's disease, a digestive disorder that attacks the intestines.

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    Poliovirus slaughters brain tumors in mice

    Scientists have altered a live polio virus, inducing it to target and kill brain tumor cells without causing polio.