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    Healing the heart from within

    An unusual mouse strain can regenerate heart tissue when the organ is damaged.

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    Stem cell research marches on

    Cells from human embryos can be transformed into heart cells or insulin-secreting cells.

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    Drugs Counter Mad Cow Agent in Cells

    Fueled only by promising studies of cells, a California research team has invited controversy by beginning to give a little-used malaria drug to patients who have the human version of mad cow disease.

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    Vaccine Verity

    Widely publicized concerns about vaccination leading to autism, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes have not been borne out by research.

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    Could this be the end of the monthly period?

    Two compounds stop menstruation in monkeys, suggesting that similar drugs might someday enable women to bypass monthly bleeding.

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    Germ-Fighting Germs

    Plants and animals arent the only things that get sick. Even pathogenic microbes can succumb to infections. Federal plant pathologists are now looking to capitalize on that phenomenon as a strategy to fight off food poisoning. R. Savidge Though nature seals most fruits and vegetables in germ-resistant peels and rinds, once those outer barriers are […]

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    Protein may post lung cancer warning

    The protein Ki-67, sometimes present on tissue lining the lungs, may act as a warning sign of lung cancer risk for ex-smokers.

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    Once a cesarean, always a cesarean?

    Expectant mothers who've already given birth by cesarean section put themselves at increased risk of uterine rupture by trying vaginal birth.

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    Cox-2 shows up in stomach cancers

    The inflammatory enzyme Cox-2 is present in stomach tumors, suggesting that drugs that inhibit the enzyme might help supress tumor formation.

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    New drug fights a chronic leukemia

    A genetically engineered drug that fuses an antibody to a toxin attacks cancerous cells in hairy-cell leukemia.

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    Antioxidants + heart drugs = bad medicine?

    Taking dietary antioxidant supplements along with certain cholesterol-regulating drugs may diminish the effectiveness of those drugs in boosting the so-called good cholesterol.

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    Insect-saliva vaccine thwarts parasite

    Mice inoculated with a component of sand fly saliva develop immunity to Leishmania, a protozoan that infects hundreds of thousands of people in the tropics each year.