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    Immune cells rush to gut in food allergy

    In mice, allergic reactions to food coincide with an accumulation of white blood cells called eosinophils in the small intestine.

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    Gene linked to aggressive prostate cancer

    A gene that is more active in prostate cancer tumors from African-American men than in tumors from white men may help explain why prostate cancer is both more common and more aggressive in African Americans.

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    Synthetic enzyme wards off side effects

    A synthetic enzyme that lowers blood pressure and causes blood vessels to constrict shows promise for treating skin and kidney cancers that have spread throughout the body.

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    Gene variant linked to early puberty

    A highly active version of a gene for faster testosterone metabolism is also associated with early breast development—by the age of 9.5 years—in girls.

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    A different GI link to colon cancers

    As they head for the stomach from the mouth, the carbohydrates in vegetables, breads, fruits, and candy all begin breaking down into simple sugars. According to some studies, carbs with a low glycemic index (GI)–meaning that they are digested slowly–reduce a persons risk of heart disease and obesity through an as yet unidentified mechanism linked […]

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    Urine tests can foretell bladder cancers

    U.S. and Chinese researchers find that two unconventional urine tests can often predict when a person is developing bladder cancer even before tumors appear.

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    Blood Relatives

    After decades of research, several companies are about to release the first line of artificial blood products.

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    Breathing on the Edge

    Researchers are exploring how both sea-level lowlanders and high-altitude natives cope with low oxygen levels.

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    Chocolate-science news

    Make no mistake: Chocolate is not a health food. Indeed, most portions are loaded with empty calories from sugar and saturated fats. Hershey Foods Corp. Several studies in recent years, however, have demonstrated that among sweets, chocolate may possess a few nutritional advantages over most calorie-rich alternatives. The latest of these good-news findings is a […]

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    Veggies prevent cancer through key protein

    An international team of researchers has identified a protein that helps compounds in some vegetables prevent cancer.

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    Study reveals male link to preeclampsia

    Men who were born of mothers who had the pregnancy complication preeclampsia are roughly twice as likely to father a child through preeclamptic pregnancy than are men who were born of mothers who had a normal pregnancy.

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    Fatty plaques are unstable in vessels

    Fatty plaques that form on the inside of blood vessels are less stable and hence more prone to rupture than are hard, calcified plaques.