1. Oceans

    Even the deepest, coldest parts of the ocean are getting warmer

    Deep-sea temperatures seem to be rising, but it’s too soon to say whether that’s a result of climate change caused by humans, researchers say.

  2. Oceans

    Large-scale changes in Earth’s climate may originate in the Pacific

    A new study suggests that the melting of Alaska’s glaciers into the North Pacific could have far-ranging effects on ocean circulation and the climate.

  3. Oceans

    Underwater earthquakes’ sound waves reveal changes in ocean warming

    A new technique uses the echoes of earthquakes in seawater to track the impact of climate change on the oceans.

  4. Climate

    Bering Sea winter ice shrank to its lowest level in 5,500 years in 2018

    Peat cores that record five millennia of climate shifts in the Arctic region suggest recent ice loss is linked to rising carbon dioxide levels.

  5. Oceans

    Species may swim thousands of kilometers to escape ocean heat waves

    A new analysis of ocean heat waves shows latitude matters when it comes to how far fish and other sea species must go to find cooler waters.

  6. Earth

    Predictions for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season just got worse

    Wind patterns and abnormally warm seawater are conspiring to create especially hurricane-friendly conditions in the Atlantic.

  7. Oceans

    These ancient seafloor microbes woke up after over 100 million years

    Scientists discover that microbes that had lain dormant in the seafloor for millions of years can revive and multiply.

  8. Climate

    Rapid sea level rise could drown protective mangrove forests by 2100

    Mangroves have kept up with rising water so far, but new research reveals their limits.

  9. Life

    Neon colors may help some corals stage a comeback from bleaching

    When some corals bleach, they turn bright colors. Stunning hues may be part of a response that helps the corals recover and reunite with their algae.

  10. Oceans

    Deep-sea mining may damage underwater ecosystems for decades

    Microbe communities in the seabed off Peru still haven’t fully recovered from being disturbed by a deep-sea mining experiment 26 years ago.

  11. Earth

    Forecasters predict a very active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season

    Warmer ocean temperatures could fuel a very active Atlantic hurricane season, with one forecast predicting 18 named storms, including nine hurricanes.

  12. Environment

    A year long expedition spotlights night life in the Arctic winter

    Scientists anchored to an ice floe near the North Pole are investigating how life survives polar night and what changes will occur as the Arctic continues to warm.