1. Plants

    Herbal therapy for beleaguered lawns

    Mustard and other herbal remedies can thwart turf attacks by root-feeding roundworms.

  2. Plants

    Nectar: The First Soft Drink

    Plants have long competed with one another to lure animals in for a sip of their sweet formulations.

  3. Plants

    They’re All Part Fungus

    Hidden deep in their tissues, all plants probably have fungi that don't make them sick but still may have a big influence.

  4. Plants

    Reality Botany: Data ease doubts about plant species

    Despite the doubts of some botanists, plant species aren't just some arbitrary human classification scheme, says a team of evolutionary biologists.

  5. Plants

    Small difference factored big in rice domestication

    A change in a single letter of a rice plant's genetic code gave it the ability to hold onto grains until harvest.

  6. Plants

    Save the Flowers

    Now that breeders have created thousands of new ornamental-flower varieties, scientists are turning their attention to restoring the fragrances that fell victim to the process.

  7. Plants

    Day-Glo Flowers: Some bright blooms naturally fluoresce

    Some common flowers fluoresce but the glow most likely has little effect on pollinators.

  8. Plants

    Mommy Greenest

    Green leafy moms take care of their offspring in ways that go beyond wrapping them in nice, snug seed coats and packing a nutritious lunch for them.

  9. Plants

    Honey, We Shrank the Snow Lotus: Picking big plants reduces species’ height

    Years of harvesting the larger plants of a Himalayan wildflower used in traditional medicines may be driving the evolution of a stubbier plant form.

  10. Plants

    Long search reveals cell receptor for plant growth

    More than 70 years after biologists identified the important plant growth hormone auxin, they have finally found a cell-receptor molecule for it.

  11. Plants

    World’s fastest plant explodes with pollen

    A high-speed camera has revealed the explosive pollen launches of bunchberry dogwood flowers as the fastest plant motion known.

  12. Plants

    Built-in bird perch spreads the pollen

    Tests confirm the idea that a plant benefits from growing a bird perch to let pollinators get the best angle for reaching the flowers.