1. Plants

    In a Snap: Leaf geometry drives Venus flytrap’s bite

    Behind a Venus flytrap's rapid snap lies an extraordinary shape-changing mechanism.

  2. Plants

    Botany under the Mistletoe

    Twisters, spitters, and other flowery thoughts for romantic moments.

  3. Plants

    Give and Take: Plant parasites dole out genes while stealing nutrients

    New evidence suggests that parasitic plants can transfer their own genes into host plants.

  4. Plants

    Green Red-Alert: Plant fights invaders with animal-like trick

    Mustard plants' immune systems can react to traces of bacteria with a burst of nitric oxide, much as an animal's immune system does.

  5. Plants

    Morphinefree Mutant Poppies: Novel plants make pharmaceutical starter

    A Tasmanian company has developed a poppy that produces a commercially useful drug precursor instead of full-fledged morphine, and a research team now reports how the plant does it.

  6. Plants

    A new, slimy method of self-pollination

    When all else fails for pollination, a Chinese herb in the ginger family resorts to something botanists say they haven't seen before: a do-it-yourself oil slick.

  7. Plants

    Smokey the Gardener

    Wildfire smoke by itself, without help from heat, can trigger germination in certain seeds, but just what the vital compound in that smoke might be has kept biologists busy for years.

  8. Plants

    Lowering lilies on the tree of life

    Water lilies may belong on the lowest branch of the family tree of flowering plants, along with a shrub called Amborella.

  9. Plants

    Rewriting the Nitrogen Story: Plant cycles nutrient forward and backward

    For the first time, a green plant has been found to break down nitrogen-containing compounds into the readily usable form of nitrates, a job usually done by microbes.

  10. Plants

    Wind Highways: Mosses, lichens travel along aerial paths

    Invisible freeways of wind may account for the similarity of plant species on islands that lie thousands of kilometers apart.

  11. Plants

    A Frond Fared Well: Genes hint that ferns proliferated in shade of flowering plants

    Analyses of genetic material from a multitude of fern species suggest that much of that plant group branched out millions of years after flowering plants first appeared, a notion that contradicts many scientists' views of plant evolution.

  12. Plants

    Sudden oak death jumps quarantine

    The funguslike microbe that causes sudden oak death has turned up on nursery plants in southern California for the first time.