1. Plants

    Fringy flowers are hard to dunk

    The fringe on the edges of the floating blooms of water snowflake flowers helps protect the important parts from getting drenched in dunkings.

  2. Plants

    Tropical plants grow cool flowers

    Tropical plants that position their flowers in the general direction of the sun are keeping the temperature comfortable for pollinators.

  3. Plants

    Petite pollinators: Tree raises its own crop of couriers

    A common tropical tree creates farms in its buds, where it raises its own work force of tiny pollinators.

  4. Plants

    Shower power: Raindrops shoot seeds out with a splat

    In a seed-dispersal mechanism scientists have never seen before in flowering plants, rain plops into a capsule and makes seeds shoot out the corners.

  5. Plants

    Torn to Ribbons in the Desert

    Botanists puzzle over one of Earth's oddest plants: the remarkably scraggly Welwitschia of southwestern Africa.

  6. Plants

    Lichen Lovelies

  7. Plants

    The bladderwort: No ruthless microbe killer

    A carnivorous plant called a bladderwort may not be a fierce predator at all but a misunderstood mutualist.

  8. Plants

    Dead pipes can still regulate plants’ water

    Physiologists say they have demonstrated for the first time that dead xylem cells in plant plumbing can control water speed.