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  1. A collared mountain lion and her three cubs in a wooded area at night

    Mountain lions pushed out by wildfires take more risks

    A study tracking mountain lions showed that after an intense burn, the big cats crossed roads more often, raising the risk of becoming roadkill.

  2. A photo of a dead pelican laying on a beach in Lima, Peru while a flock of other birds fly in the background.
    Health & Medicine

    Bird flu can jump to mammals. Should we worry?

    Reports of bears and sea lions infected with H5N1 have sparked fears about the pandemic potential of bird flu. Experts are keeping a close eye on its spread.

  3. An illustration of a pair of compact stars merging (bright dots in the center) and emitting jets of radiation (green and purple beams)

    A bizarre gamma-ray burst breaks the rules for these cosmic eruptions

    The 50-second gamma-ray burst is the first that unambiguously breaks the rule that long bursts usually come from supernovas.

  4. An underwater photo of a tiger shark with an orange camera on its side

    Tiger sharks helped discover the world’s largest seagrass prairie

    Instrument-equipped sharks went where divers couldn’t to survey the Bahama Banks seagrass ecosystem.

  5. A fisher stands in waist-deep water with a fishing line as he looks at a dolphin breaking through the surface

    Here are 3 people-animal collaborations besides dolphins and Brazilians

    Dolphins working with people to catch fish recently made a big splash. But humans and other animals have cooperated throughout history.

  6. A banded sugar ant caught by an Australian ant-slayer spider

    This spider literally flips for its food

    The Australian ant-slayer spider’s acrobatics let it feast on insects twice its size, a new study shows,

  7. A photo of a giant, 3,200-year-old statue of King Ramses II inside the Grand Egyptian Museum with constructions workers milling about.
    Science & Society

    Here are 7 new science museums and exhibitions to visit in 2023

    The Grand Egyptian Museum is slated to open, as well as new exhibitions dedicated to space travel, the Galápagos Islands and more.

  8. a mosquito larva lunging to eat a different mosquito, with tweezers shown to show the tiny size of the insects

    Video captures young mosquitoes launching their heads to eat other mosquitoes

    New high-speed filming gives a first glimpse of mosquito hunting too fast for humans to see.

  9. lion yawning

    Yawning helps lions synchronize their groups’ movements

    A lion yawn is contagious, and when lions start yawning together, they start moving together. Synchronization may be key for group hunters like lions.

  10. illustration of Falkland Islands wolf

    Ancient human visitors complicate the Falkland Islands wolf’s origin story

    Scientists have debated how the Falkland Islands’ only land mammal journeyed to the region: by a long-ago land bridge or with people.

  11. male northern elephant seal

    Male elephant seals aim to get huge or die trying

    Males will risk death to eat and grow as large as possible, since only the biggest males mate. But females aim for long-term survival.

  12. Readers react to birds colliding with wind turbines, mysterious muons and more