How Bizarre

  1. shattered chromosome

    The upside of a demolished chromosome

    A woman’s rare genetic disease was cured when a chromosome carrying the mutant gene shattered.

  2. cell phone showing facebook app

    Using Facebook ‘likes,’ computer pegs people’s personalities

    Using limited data from Facebook, computers can outdo humans in assessing a user’s openness, neuroticism and other personality traits.

  3. clouds

    Microbes floating among clouds may munch on sugar

    Floating in a cloud and noshing sweets while wrapped in a cozy bubble sounds like a pleasant dream. For some lucky bacteria, it may be a reality.

  4. Microscope image of a Blu-ray Disc

    Blu-ray Discs get repurposed to improve solar cells

    Polymer solar cells capture more sunlight when they are imprinted with movies’ and TV shows’ Blu-ray Disc etchings.

  5. rotting fish
    Health & Medicine

    Foul smells during sleep may help smokers quit

    A night of smelling rotten eggs and fish while inhaling cigarette odors makes smokers reach for fewer cigarettes upon waking.

  6. sand-filled jellyfish fossil

    Ancient jellyfish suffered strange, sandy death

    A fossil hints at the unusual series of events that led to an ancient jellyfish’s preservation and may offer clues to understanding odd sand deposits found elsewhere.

  7. Paleontology

    Stegosaurus landed a low blow in dino brawl

    During a dinosaur scuffle 147 million years ago, a stegosaurus whipped an allosaurus in the crotch.

  8. pink tail of mite shown in a hair follicle
    Health & Medicine

    Tiny mites are probably crawling all over your face

    Two skin mites, relatives of spiders, might populate the faces of all adult humans, according to a DNA survey.

  9. Materials Science

    Nature-inspired camouflage changes its looks with light

    Thin, flexible new material steals the color-shifting capabilities of cephalopod skin.

  10. Animals

    Caiman tears make a salty snack

    An ecologist observed a bee and a butterfly hovering around a caiman, engaging in lacryphagous behavior, slurping up the crocodilian’s tears.

  11. Microbes

    One giant leap for zit-causing microbes

    A bacterium that lives on humans and causes acne also hopped to domesticated grapevines and relies on the plant for crucial DNA repairs.

  12. Tech

    Soft robots go swimming

    A new robotic fish can wiggle and writhe like the real thing.