How Bizarre

  1. Planetary Science

    Moon’s lava tubes could be colossal

    Lava tubes inside the moon could remain structurally sound up to 5 kilometers across and offer prime real estate for lunar colonists.

  2. Earth

    Mount St. Helens is a cold-hearted volcano

    Geophysics reveals that deep beneath Mount St. Helens, there’s no source of hot magma, just a wedge of cold serpentinite rock. Where is the missing heat?

  3. Earth

    There’s a new way to stop an earthquake: put a volcano in its path

    An earthquake rupturing along a fault in Japan was blockaded by the magma chamber below the Mount Aso volcano, researchers propose.

  4. Plants

    Flower lures pollinators with smell of honeybee fear

    When it comes to attracting pollinators, one flower species catches more flies with honeybees.

  5. Animals

    Pandas have ultrasonic hearing

    Giant pandas hear very high frequencies. Scientists still don’t know why.

  6. Astronomy

    Fast-moving star duo is heading out of the Milky Way

    A pair of hyperfast stars hurtling through a remote region of the Milky Way might have been orphaned after a long-ago galactic collision, a new study suggests.

  7. Astronomy

    Earth has nothing on this exoplanet’s lightning storms

    Lightning storms far more intense than any on Earth might explain radio waves that once came from a planet 124 light-years away.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Explaining Henry VIII’s erratic behavior

    Researchers say Henry VIII suffered several traumatic brain injuries that may explain his explosive outbursts and memory problems.

  9. Animals

    Ants don’t make decisions on the move

    Worker ants stand still while processing environmental cues and planning their next moves, a new study suggests.

  10. Animals

    The mites living on your face probably run in your family

    Demodex folliculorum mites, which live on human skin, have probably evolved with their hosts over time.

  11. Genetics

    Roosters run afoul of genetic rules

    Moms aren’t always the only ones that pass mitochondrial DNA to offspring, a study of chickens finds.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Having parasites can boost fertility

    Infection with parasitic worms tinkers with fertility.