Math Trek

  1. Mathematics by collaboration

    The Polymath project harnesses the power of the Internet to use massive collaboration to solve a major problem in record time

  2. Math

    The four color problem gets a sharp new hue

    Mathematicians find new answers to the still puzzling theorem that four colors suffice to color any map.

  3. Math

    Mathematician answers Supreme Court plea

    New, fair method for dividing states into congressional districts could reduce political squabbles.

  4. Life

    Darwin: The reluctant mathematician

    Despite disliking mathematics, the great biologist inadvertently advanced statistics.

  5. Math

    When art and math collide

    An exhibit of mathematical art reveals the aesthetic side of math.

  6. Math

    The Sudoku solution

    Mathematicians use Sudoku to understand a mysterious, powerful algorithm.

  7. Math

    The happiness virus

    Two studies apply social networking ideas to data from health studies of thousands of people, and suggest different interpretations of how contagious happiness or other experiences can be.

  8. Math

    Traveler’s Dilemma: When it’s smart to be dumb

    Some game theory paradoxes can be resolved by assuming that people adopt multiple personae, and aren’t rational.

  9. Math

    Florence Nightingale: The passionate statistician

    Florence Nightingale pioneered the use of applied statistics to develop policy and developed novel ways of displaying them.

  10. Math

    How to (really) trust a mathematical proof

    Mathematicians develop computer proof-checking systems in order to realize long-sought dreams of fully precise, accurate mathematics.

  11. Math

    Shuffling the cards: Math does the trick

  12. Math

    Unknotting knot theory

    New techniques are beginning to unravel the mysteries of knots, revealing a great mathematical superstructure in the process.