Your article on marine no-take zones overly simplifies a much more complicated problem. The idea that at least some kinds of fish might be more plentiful and larger if they are not harvested over a period of years doesn’t really need much scientific study. However, this benefit is probably limited to specific species. For many other species, such as salmon and albacore, a no-fishing zone would have little positive effect and would just disable fishermen. It would also move fishing activities to unregulated areas, such as off the coasts of developing nations. Considering a growing world population and no apparent reduction in the desire to eat fish, this demand will be met one way or the other. The goal of fishery management should be to provide the greatest responsible, sustainable yield. Marine no-take zones may well play a role in overall fishery management, but they are not a panacea, which is how they’re being touted. Steve Scheiblauer
Santa Cruz, Calif.