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50 Years Ago

50 years ago, continental drift began to gain acceptance

Excerpt from the April 29, 1967, issue of Science News

9:00am, April 20, 2017
map of Earth

FULL OF PLATES  Earth’s outer crust is composed of more than a dozen large pieces, known as tectonic plates, which bump or slide against each other.

Drifting theories shake up geology

Continental drift, a theory often considered amusing but rarely important, seems about to become the focus of a revolution in geology. At the least, it has already split the geological community into those who find the evidence for it “formidable” and those who think it is not yet formidable enough to constitute a proof. — Science News, April 29, 1967



That continents shift is now widely accepted and explained by plate tectonics. Plenty of evidence supports the idea that the Earth’s outer layer is divided into large slabs that gradually move over the mantle. But

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