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Geoengineering is world’s last hope, new book argues

The Planet Remade advocates artificial schemes to combat climate change

8:00am, November 15, 2015
Earth's stratosphere

DARKENED SKY  Spraying tiny particles into the stratosphere could help combat global warming, a new book on geoengineering asserts.

The Planet Remade
Oliver Morton
Princeton Univ., $29.95

The plans sound like something out of the handbook of a James Bond villain: generate artificial volcanic eruptions, seed colossal clouds that shade the planet, cover the oceans in immense algal blooms visible from space. Despite seeming outrageous, such Earth-altering schemes, some argue, may be the only viable way to stave off threats posed by climate change (SN: 6/5/10, p. 16).

In The Planet Remade, journalist Oliver Morton presents the need for a real-life “Greenfinger” to cool the planet. Curbing humankind’s

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