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A good diet for you may be bad for me

Eating the same foods can lead to different blood sugar spikes in different people

12:00pm, November 19, 2015
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CARB CONFUSION  Participants in a nutrition study had very different responses to eating certain foods. A cookie caused blood sugar levels to spike for one person but didn’t affect a second person. A banana produced the opposite reaction in the same people.

A cookie can give one person a sugar rush while barely affecting another person, a new study finds, indicating that a food’s glycemic index is in the eater.

People’s blood sugar rises or falls differently even when they eat the exact same fruit, bread, desserts, pizza and many other foods, researchers in Israel report November 19 in Cell. That suggests that diets should be tailored to individuals’ personal characteristics.

The researchers made the discovery after fitting 800 people with blood glucose monitors for a week. The people ate standard breakfasts supplied by the researchers. Although the volunteers all ate the same food, their blood glucose levels after eating those foods varied dramatically. Traits and behaviors such as body mass index, sleep, exercise, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and the kinds of microbes living in people’s intestines are associated with

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