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Letters to the Editor


11:14am, May 22, 2009

Hormones, milk and fat
I find it difficult to understand why the hormone content of skim milk is greater than that of 2% low-fat milk, which in turn is greater than whole milk (“Scientists find a soup of suspects while probing milk’s link to cancer,” SN: 3/28/09, p. 5). To the extent that 2% and skim milk are produced from whole milk, removing some or essentially all the fat, I would have expected the relation to be reversed. Is there an explanation for why the hormone content of milk increases as fat is removed?
Jerry Kerrisk,Santa Fe, N.M.

The researchers were just as perplexed as the reader about why the data turned out this way. — Janet Raloff

A few questions on the piece about hormone levels in milk: 1. There was no mention of organic versus “conventional.” Do you know if that was looked at? 2. Would goat’s milk have

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