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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

2:35pm, August 23, 2013

Seeing ice
In the photo series shown in “Taking Antarctica’s temperature”
(SN: 7/27/13, p. 18), the ice appears to be increasing from January to April as one would expect in the Southern Hemisphere. How does this demonstrate the rapid collapse of the Larsen B Ice Shelf?
William Meadows, Dripping Springs, Texas

The satellite images show a large area of the Antarctic Peninsula; the Larsen B Ice Shelf is a small area near the center. A closer view of Larsen B (above) from March 7, 2002, reveals that what looks like a solid sheet of ice in the wider view is actually composed of thousands of icebergs that have broken free. — Editors

Musical minds
When contemplating Erich Jarvis’ research on the roots of speech (“Finding the brain’s common language,” (SN: 7/27/13, p. 32), the

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