Vol. 184 No. #5
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More Stories from the September 7, 2013 issue

  1. Animals

    Sponges boom thanks to Antarctic ice shelf bust

    Previously thought to grow at a slow pace, the sea creatures exploded in number.

  2. Animals

    Oxygen boost aided carnivore evolution in Cambrian explosion

    Atmospheric change and rise of predators caused burst in complexity of life.

  3. Life

    Tigers meet, mix in forest corridors

    In India, narrow strips of wild land connect small groups of cats.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Going out to lunch zaps mental focus

    Sharing a midday meal with friends could lead later to errors at work.

  5. Humans

    Y chromosome analysis moves Adam closer to Eve

    A pair of genetic studies has pushed back age of men's most recent common ancestor.

  6. Neuroscience

    Camping resets internal clock

    After a week in the wild, people went to bed and got up earlier.

  7. Animals

    Climate change may bring dramatic behavior shifts

    Shifting temperatures and rainfall are expected to alter animal lifestyles from the poles to the tropics.

  8. Science & Society

    HeLa genome offers clues to cells’ cancerous nature

    The genetic sequence is published along with an agreement to protect the privacy of the family of the cells’ provider, Henrietta Lacks.

  9. Animals

    Noise may disrupt a bat’s dinner

    Mechanical cacophony can drown out the whispers of moving insect prey.

  10. Tech

    Hybrid race car of transistors debuts

    A new transistor combines the essential features of high speed and low energy consumption.

  11. Psychology

    Ratio for a good life exposed as ‘nonsense’

    A heralded calculation of people’s ability to flourish is a mathematical mirage, researchers say.

  12. Quantum Physics

    Quantum teleportation approaches the computer chip

    Researchers speedily transmit information from one tiny circuit to another on solid-state device.

  13. Microbes

    Let the bedbugs bite

    Harold Harlan has been feeding bedbugs, intentionally, on his own blood since 1973. He keeps pint or quart jars in his home containing at least 4,000 bugs.

  14. Psychology

    What Makes a Hero?

    The Surprising Science of Selflessness by Elizabeth Svoboda.

  15. Planetary Science

    Shergottite SHER-goh-tite n.

    Shergottite is the most common kind of Martian meteorite.

  16. Humans

    Not really nine months

    Gestation length varies greatly.

  17. Psychology

    Familiar faces

    "Super recognizers" never forget a visage, an unusual ability that can be put to good use.

  18. Earth

    Life under ice

    Lake Vostok may harbor ingredients for a complex subglacial ecosystem.

  19. Cosmology

    Everlasting light

    Remnant glow of ancient stars offers glimpse of universe's past.

  20. Earth

    Letters to the editor

  21. Animals

    Porpoises Can Teach Man Marine Diving, Detection

    Excerpt from the September 7, 1963, issue of Science News Letter

  22. Humans

    How We Do It

    The Evolution and Future of Human Reproduction by Robert Martin.