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Letters to the Editor

Letters from the September 2, 2006, issue of Science News

1:12pm, August 28, 2006

B line

"A Vexing Enigma: New insights confront chronic fatigue syndrome" (SN: 7/1/06, p. 10) implies that there's not an available cure for chronic fatigue syndrome. I was amazed to find no mention of vitamin B12. I can attest to the remarkable effect.

Earl L. Pye
Oak Hills, Calif

Limited evidence suggests that vitamin B12 absorption may be impaired in some people with chronic fatigue syndrome. No published clinical trial has evaluated B12 as a therapy for the disorder.—B. Harder

Mellow? Hello?

It's true that as we grow older, many aggravations that we used to take seriously seem to lose edge ("Older but Mellower: Aging brain shifts gears to emotional advantage," SN: 6/24/06, p. 389). Some of us, however, become grumpy, cantankerous oldsters. It's generally recognized that a positive outlook on life has

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