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Naked singularity might evade cosmic censor

Spacetime singularities might exist unhidden in strangely curved universes

9:00am, May 15, 2017
black hole

LAID BARE  Inside a black hole, the extreme curvature of space (shown) means that the standard rules of physics don’t apply. Such regions, called singularities, are thought to be shrouded by event horizons, but scientists showed that a singularity could be observable under certain conditions in a hypothetical curved spacetime.

Certain stealthy spacetime curiosities might be less hidden than thought, potentially exposing themselves to observers in some curved universes.

These oddities, known as singularities, are points in space where the standard laws of physics break down. Found at the centers of black holes, singularities are generally expected to be hidden from view, shielding the universe from their problematic properties. Now, scientists report in the May 5 Physical Review Letters that a singularity could be revealed in a hypothetical, saddle-shaped universe.

Previously, scientists found that singularities might not be concealed in hypothetical universes with more than three spatial dimensions. The new result marks the first time the possibility of such a “naked” singularity has been demonstrated in a three-dimensional universe. “That’s extremely important,” says

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