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Resveratrol shows activity against insulin resistance and retinal disease

Anti-aging compound appears to function in multiple ways

6:30pm, June 28, 2010

A naturally occurring chemical found in grapes and other foods may help reverse some of the ills associated with aging and being overweight, new studies suggest.

The chemical, resveratrol, has been shown to lengthen the life span of yeast and improve health in laboratory animals, but scientists do not yet know whether the substance might also benefit humans.

Two new studies of older or overweight people suggest that it can, by helping boost the action of insulin. And a study in mice shows that the chemical works through a previously unknown mechanism to halt harmful blood vessel growth in the retina.

As people age or gain weight, their ability to respond to insulin declines. Some people become mildly resistant to insulin’s action, so that their muscles and other tissues no longer take up and burn glucose efficiently. That condition, known as insulin resistance, is one of the first steps toward diabetes. Now, researchers have found that resveratrol imp

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