Betsy Ladyzhets

Betsy Ladyzhets is a freelance science writer and data journalist based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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  1. A woman in a mask and a disposable apron injects a vaccine into the arm of a man who is seated.
    Health & Medicine

    Vaccinating people in developing countries costs far less than doing nothing

    Shots for half the adults in those countries will cost $9.3 billion, the Rockefeller Foundation reports. Doing nothing could cost trillions.

  2. Monica Quintana wears a mask and face shield and dons a gown in a hospital hallway
    Health & Medicine

    The surge in U.S. coronavirus cases shows a shift in who’s getting sick

    Younger, unvaccinated people are a rising share of COVID-19 cases, raising concerns anew that lack of vaccine access may hit minority populations hard.

  3. masked students on the UC Boulder campus
    Health & Medicine

    How 5 universities tried to handle COVID-19 on campus

    U.S. colleges opened in the fall with a patchwork of control measures to keep COVID-19 at bay.

  4. A Black student looking into a microscope
    Science & Society

    These 6 graphs show that Black scientists are underrepresented at every level

    In the U.S., Black people are underrepresented in STEM fields, both as students and in the workforce.

  5. illustration of people in the United States
    Science & Society

    How the U.S. census has measured race over 230 years

    As the U.S. census gets under way, a review of historical data shows the difficulties in measuring race