Elizabeth Quill

Elizabeth Quill

Editor, Special Projects

Elizabeth Quill is the special projects editor for Science News. She has overseen efforts including the SN 10: Scientists to Watch and the Year in Review, and is the editorial coordinator for the Science News in High Schools program, which puts Science News and related resources into the hands of teachers and students at more than 4,000 high schools across the United States and worldwide. She has edited special collections on topics ranging from consciousness to general relativity, and recently took a deep dive into the stories behind the periodic table of the elements. Originally from the Finger Lakes region of New York, Elizabeth studied journalism at Ithaca College and received her master’s degree in science writing from MIT. This is her second tour at Science News. She started her career here more than a decade ago and returned in 2015 after serving as the senior editor for science at Smithsonian magazine.

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  1. Particle Physics

    Scientists find amazement in what’s most familiar

    Acting Editor in Chief Elizabeth Quill discusses the unexpected nature of science.

  2. Science & Society

    If there are curious young minds, science will survive

    Acting Editor in Chief Elizabeth Quill discusses the unending search for scientific knowledge.

  3. Neuroscience

    Lab tests aren’t the answer for every science question

    Acting Editor in Chief Elizabeth Quill discusses the value of observational science.

  4. Science & Society

    Science journalists don’t use the science of ‘nudge’

    Acting Editor in Chief Elizabeth Quill discusses the mission of science journalists.

  5. Science & Society

    Science’s questions rarely have clear, easy answers

    Acting Editor in Chief Elizabeth Quill discusses science's complexities.

  6. Astronomy

    Supernova story continues, just like science journalism

    Acting Editor in Chief Elizabeth Quill discusses science's enduring legacy and that of Science News.

  7. Jupiter
    Science & Society

    What’s ahead for science in 2017?

    Science News writers reveal what they are watching for — and hoping for — in the year ahead.

  8. Illustration representing the work of the SN 10
    Science & Society

    The SN 10: Meet the scientists making the next big discoveries

    Science News spotlights 10 rising scientists who will transform their research fields over the coming decades.

  9. Jessica Cantlon

    Jessica Cantlon seeks the origins of numerical thinking

    Cognitive neuroscientist Jessica Cantlon wants to find out how humans understand numbers and where that understanding comes from.

  10. Tubularia indivisa
    Science & Society

    Sea life stars in museum’s glass menagerie

    See Leopold and Rudolf Blaschkas’ delicate glass jellyfish, anemones, sea worms and other marine invertebrates at the Corning Museum of Glass.

  11. Brontosaurus at Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History
    Science & Society

    ‘House of Lost Worlds’ opens vaults of renowned natural history museum

    'House of Lost Worlds' pays homage to Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History and to the colorful scientists who made the museum great.

  12. Tech

    When Networks Network

    Once studied solo, systems display surprising behavior when they interact.