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    Mathematicians have found that it's easier to pack spheres in some dimensions than it is in others.
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    Generous Players

    Game theory is helping to explain how cooperation and other self-sacrificing behaviors fit into natural selection.
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    Theorems for Sale

    In April, an eBay auction offered math enthusiasts the rare opportunity of linking their names with one of the most famous mathematicians of the 20th century.
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    Glimpses of Genius

    By studying a puzzle that Archimedes pondered 2,200 years ago, mathematicians are obtaining new insights into its intriguing geometric structure.
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    Math Lab

    Computers are starting to give mathematicians the lab instrument that they have been missing.
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    Computation's New Leaf

    Plants in which large numbers of simple units interact with one another appear to compute how to coordinate the actions of their cells effectively.