Sujata Gupta is the social sciences writer for Science News. She was a 2017-18 Knight Science Journalism fellow at MIT. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Nature, Discover, NPR, Scientific American, and others. Sujata got her start in journalism at a daily newspaper in Central New York, where she covered education and small town politics. She has also worked as a National Park Ranger, completing stints at parks in Hawaii, California and Maine, and taught English in Nagano, Japan.

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  1. Life

    Evolutionarily, grandmas are good for grandkids — up to a point

    Women may live past their reproductive years because they help their grandchildren survive, but there are limits to that benefit.

  2. Humans

    Why it’s key to identify preschoolers with anxiety and depression

    With mounting evidence that very young children can experience anxiety and depression, efforts are underway to identify and treat them early.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Chinese ‘tweets’ hint that happiness drops as air pollution rises

    A study of more than 210 million social media posts reveals a link between people’s sense of well-being and pollution.

  4. Psychology

    Easing test anxiety boosts low-income students’ biology grades

    Wealthier students outperform their less advantaged peers in math and science. Decreasing test anxiety may help even the playing field.