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  1. Microbes

    Evolutionary virologist Daniel Blanco-Melo seeks out ancient pathogens

    Daniel Blanco-Melo has reconstructed two viral strains brought to the Americas with European colonizers in the 16th century.

  2. Neuroscience

    Two distinct neural pathways may make opioids like fentanyl so addictive

    A study in mice looked at how feelings of reward and withdrawal that opioids trigger play out in two separate circuits in the brain.

  3. Animals

    ‘Cull of the Wild’ questions sacrificing wildlife in the name of conservation

    In his new book, ecologist Hugh Warwick seeks middle ground in the waging battle that is wildlife management.

  4. Physics

    The second law of thermodynamics underlies nearly everything. But is it inviolable?

    Two centuries on, scientists are still seeking a proof of the Second Law and why heat always flows from hot to cold.

  5. Space

    Clara Sousa-Silva seeks molecular signatures of life in alien atmospheres

    Quantum astrochemist Clara Sousa-Silva studies how molecules in space interact with light, offering clues to what distant objects are made of.

  6. Environment

    Federally unprotected streams contribute most of the water to U.S. rivers

    A 2023 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that ephemeral streams aren’t protected by the Clean Water Act could have sizable ripple effects, a study suggests.

  7. Life

    Young squash bugs seek out adults’ poop for an essential microbe

    Squash bug nymphs don’t rely on their parents to pick up a bacterium they’d die without. They find it on their own.

  8. Neuroscience

    ‘Do I Know You?’ explores face blindness and the science of the mind

    In her memoir, journalist Sadie Dingfelder draws on her own experiences to highlight the astonishing diversity of people’s inner lives.

  9. Readers discuss ancient plagues and a fern’s leaf revival

  10. Animals

    Big monarch caterpillars don’t avoid toxic milkweed goo. They binge on it

    Instead of nipping milkweed to drain the plants’ defensive sap, older monarch caterpillars may seek the toxic sap. Lab larvae guzzled it from a pipette.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Taking a weight-loss drug reduced a craving for opioids

    Early results from 20 people with opioid use disorder raise hopes that popular weight-loss drugs like Wegovy can tackle opioid addiction, too.

  12. Come along with us on a mathematical mystery tour

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses an unexpected breakthrough on a puzzle that has intrigued mathematicians for almost a century.