August 28, 2004 | Science News

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    Some corals like it hotter

    The heat-tolerant algae that live symbiotically within some corals may enable their hosts to adapt to the warmer water temperatures projected to accompany long-term climate change.
    14 years ago
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    How dingoes got down under

    DNA analysis suggests that Australia got its famous dingoes from a very few dogs brought along with people fanning out from East Asia some 5,000 years ago.
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    A new deep-sea submersible

    Scientists have announced a 4-year, $21.6-million design-and-construction effort to replace the aging research submersible Alvin.
  • Feature

    Smokey the Gardener

    Wildfire smoke by itself, without help from heat, can trigger germination in certain seeds, but just what the vital compound in that smoke might be has kept biologists busy for years.
  • Feature

    A Better Distorted View

    The mathematics used to describe diffusion can also be used to generate maps based on population data.