Vol. 158 No. #6
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More Stories from the August 5, 2000 issue

  1. Chemistry

    Crystal Reveals Unexpected Beginnings

    For the first time, researchers have directly observed a protein begin to crystallize, and they've found it has a peculiar shape.

  2. Astronomy

    Evidence grows for nearby planetary system

    Astronomers have found the nearest known planet that lies outside the solar system, a mere 10.5 light-years from Earth.

  3. Ebola protein explains deadly mystery

    The infamous virus called Ebola has a surface protein that kills cells in blood vessels.

  4. Physics

    Why is antimatter absent? Hunt heats up

    Two new particle accelerators built to help discover why there's matter instead of antimatter in the universe are closing in on an answer at record speed.

  5. Plants

    Team corners culprit in sudden oak death

    After 5 years of mystery, California pathologists announced they may have identified the cause of a new tree disease called sudden oak death.

  6. Earth

    Lack of spring snowpack bodes ill for many

    NASA satellite images released last week confirmed that the northern United States had much less snow cover than normal this spring, following North America's warmest winter on record.

  7. Virus boosts fat in chickens and mice

    Injecting mice and chickens with a type of adenovirus that causes colds in humans led to higher body fat, though not higher body weight, and researchers point to indirect evidence for a role for the virus in human obesity as well.

  8. Metal in diet harms Colorado birds

    Cadmium, a metal naturally present in south-central Colorado, concentrates at deadly levels in willow plants, poisoning the ptarmigan that rely on the plant during winter months.

  9. Yeast sex: Only for certain partners

    Two studies independently confirm that Candida albicans, a strain of yeast long believed to be asexual, can sexually reproduce under certain conditions.

  10. Earth

    Estrogen effects linger in male fish

    Male fish can inappropriately make egg yolk protein, even when only intermittently exposed to water tainted with an estrogenic pollutant.

  11. Earth

    Death for the killer seaweed

    Biologists have launched a campaign to eradicate the first infestation in open American waters of an invasive mutant algae.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Venison can contain E. coli bacteria

    Escherichia coli, which causes severe diarrhea in people, may be widespread in deer, a finding that raises concerns about preparation of wild-game meats.

  13. Health & Medicine

    New Australian virus infects people

    Australian scientists have identified a new virus, apparently spread by fruit bats, that causes birth defects in pigs and severe illness in some people exposed to infected pigs.

  14. Health & Medicine

    Indian encephalitis is traced to measles

    An outbreak of fatal encephalitis in India appears to have been caused by a strange form of rashless measles in a majority of the sick children tested.

  15. Health & Medicine

    Danes keeping drugs out of livestock

    Reducing the amount of antibiotics given to livestock in Denmark has lowered the amount of drug-resistant Enterococcus faecium bacteria in the meat of these animals.

  16. Inside Violent Worlds

    Political conflict and terror look different up close and local.

  17. Silence of the Xs

    Does junk DNA help women muffle one X chromosome?