February 12, 2000 | Science News



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    Keeping Bugs from Pumping Drugs

    Researchers hope that attacking the machinery some microbes use to pump antimicrobial agents out of their cells may help deal with the increasing problem of drug resistance.
    15 years ago
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    Spectral atom rings in

    Electron waves can generate a phantom atom when a real atom is placed at the right spot inside an elliptical quantum corral, or loop of atoms, arranged on a surface.
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    One more reason to worry

    A single dose of the AIDS drug nevirapine, given to mothers to help prevent them from infecting their children during birth, may be enough to prod the virus to develop drug resistance.
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    AIDS drugs may cause bone loss

    Using X rays to measure bone density in HIV-infected men, researchers find a possible link between bone loss and long-term use of protease inhibitors.
  • Feature

    Revved-Up Universe

    Astronomers are busy testing the seemingly bizarre notion that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.
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    Ultracold molecules form inside superatom

    The formation of molecules within an ultracold gas of atoms called a Bose-Einstein condensate could be a step toward fluids in which molecules share the same quantum state.