July 1, 2000 | Science News



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    Singing the blues

    After finding that people with diabetes are slightly more likely to have had an episode of depression in the past 11 years than similar people who have not developed diabetes, some researchers have made the controversial suggestion that depression may cause diabetes.
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    Darn that diet, anyway

    Seemingly healthful foods—such as broiled chicken and baked fish—can contain high concentrations of compounds that may damage the cardiovascular system, and eating these foods can raise the concentration of these so-called advanced glycation end products in a person's blood.
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    The medicine isn't going down

    Only about a third of people diagnosed with type II diabetes are taking their medications often enough to keep their blood sugar concentrations under tight control.
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    Raising Trust

    Some forager groups may nurture a sharing sense in their offspring.
    15 years ago
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    Prenatal problems linked to schizophrenia

    Three large, long-term studies found that periods of oxygen deprivation in the fetus, along with obesity and second-trimester respiratory infections in the mother, are associated with adult schizophrenia.
    15 years ago