Vol. 171 No. #22
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More Stories from the June 2, 2007 issue

  1. Health & Medicine

    Stem cells not required

    Insulin-producing cells in the pancreas proliferate by cell division, unlike other body tissues, which regenerate from adult stem cells.

  2. Planetary Science

    Powering Enceladus’ plumes

    The action of Saturn's gravity is responsible for plumes of water vapor shooting out from cracks on the moon Enceladus.

  3. Physics

    Carbon’s mysterious magnetism

    An X-ray experiment has yielded the most conclusive evidence to date that carbon can be magnetic.

  4. Earth

    Using seismometers to monitor glaciers

    Seismic instruments could be used to estimate the amount of ice that shears away from glaciers as they flow into the sea, offering a way to better estimate sea level rise due to the breakup of those ice masses.

  5. Earth

    Ice Age Ends Smashingly: Did a comet blow up over eastern Canada?

    An extraterrestrial object apparently exploded above Canada about 12,900 years ago, sparking devastating wildfires and triggering a millennium-long cold spell.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Early Start: Fetuses generate immune response to vaccination

    A fetus can manufacture immune cells and antibodies in direct response to vaccine given to the mother during pregnancy.

  7. Animals

    Pothole Pals: Ants pave roads for fellow raiders

    By throwing their bodies into tiny potholes on rough trails, army ants enable their comrade to race over them, improving the colony's overall foraging success.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Visualizing Cancer: Images of tumors can detect gene expression

    Subtle features in X-ray images of tumors let radiologists infer which genes are active in the cancerous growth.

  9. Chemistry

    Packaging Peril: Chemicals in food wrapping turn toxic

    Chemicals that prevent grease from seeping through food packaging can transform into a suspected carcinogen.

  10. Take a Number: Kids show math insights without instruction

    Kindergartners can solve relatively complex addition and subtraction problems if allowed to use their intuitive grasp of approximate quantities rather than being required to calculate exact solutions.

  11. Physics

    Magnetic Logic: Electron spins could do cool calculations

    Novel circuits use electrons as tiny bar magnets to process information.

  12. Ecosystems

    Slime Dwellers

    The health of corals, and their adaptability in the face of adversity, may rest largely on the microbes they recruit into a slime that coats their surfaces.

  13. Tech

    Powering the Revolution

    Sensors and other electronic devices that can scavenge energy could open a new realm for technology.

  14. Humans

    Letters from the June 2, 2007, issue of Science News

    Where there’s fire Regarding “Risky Flames: Firefighter coronaries spike during blazes” (SN: 3/24/07, p. 180), was the increased death rate due to firefighters having a higher rate of heart disease than people do in other jobs? An analysis of eating habits may reveal more insight. Jim SchmitzSt. Louis, Mo. The study looked only at what […]